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. .aa_ : an anonymous distributed identity project_

. .aa_ : an anonymous distributed identity project_ is a .f.reeP_ project by .-_-.

. “.aa_” is the nickname used here for the anonymous distributed identity created during .f.reeP_ debates by .-_-. and the participants of interdisciplinary art course at Yildiz Technical University, faculty of art and design on 2008. the full name for this distributed identity created is not mentioned here to keep it anonymous. instead it will be called . aa_

the only thing done for this project by .-_-. and the other participants was to make up a name and get a gmail account and create a blog where the password for the gmail account of .aa_ is distributed with a short description of the project concept. neither .f.reeP_ nor any of the participants was mentioned on the blog. that was all has been done after the long .f.reeP_ debates about the freedom, anonymity, privacy, control, censorship, activism etc in the age of information technologies where internet is dominant. distributed responsiblity is also a concept developed during these debates_

. after getting an e-mail account and announcing it on the blog, this new identity started being build up on the internet by anonymous people without the information, control and responsiblity of the .f.reeP_ participants_ the password of the account would have been changed by anybody preventing any other people to use it but this didn’t happen as of october 2009 and some people kept building this identity anonymously what i will call an .anonymous distributed identity_

as of october 2009 .aa_ has gmail, blogger, facebook, last.fm, yousendit, vimeo, citeulike, scribd, blip.tv, grooveshark, jamendo, tribe of noise, youtube, friendfeed, twitter and openID accounts which has been created by anonymous people. passwords and other related info of these accounts are also being announced on the blog by those who created them and these accounts are free for anybody to use/build the identity for .aa_ or destroy it by deleting the accounts or changing the passwords_ it is easy if anybody wants to do it because even the password of the blog is announced on the blog_

the full name of .aa_ has another meaning when it is read backwards. blog and all the info about .aa_ can be found easily if you google the full name of .aa_ , because it is a unique name. the code name of the project which is the backwards reading the full name of .aa_ also reveals .aa_ if you google it. so there is no chance for any careful human to add any account of .aa_ to their social network without knowing that it is an anonymous distributed identity. all the passwords of .aa_’s accounts are the same as of october 2009. the password also has another meaning when it is read backwards. if you happen to meet/find .aa_ you can use it to access many of the popular social networks being anonymous_ only using the identity of .aa_ itself doesn’t make you all anonymous since you can be traced. using proxy services like tor project can also help you be anonymous on the net. the freenet project is a good example of how free internet should be. free internet is important where world is not free and internet is being no more a space to escape to for freedom. we cannot be free by all means without the right to be anonymous. don’t you think that .another internet is possible!_

.-_-. or any of the participants have no control or responsibility on what .aa_ does. responsibility of what this anonymous distributed identity does is also an anonymous distributed responsibility.

the full name for .aa_ is not announced here on this website as a part of .f.reeP_ because .f.reeP_ has no relation to this anonymous distributed identity any more, besides the experience of creating an identity by simply getting an e-mail for it and announcing its password on a blog. .aa_ is yours to use/build its identity if you like and if you happen to find/meet it_


. .aa_ : an anonymous distributed identity project_ is a part of the ongoing experimental project series .f.reeP_ by .-_-.

.f.reeP_ investigates the recent concepts driven by information technologies such as free/open source movement, copyleft attitude, distributed computing, p2p, crowdsourcing, peer production, network economy etc. .f.reeP_ explores what they can offer for artistic creation and contemporary art in the age of information technologies in order to influence social, economic and cultural life through re-examining notions of art such as culture industry, appropriation, authorship, relational aesthetics, gift economy, multiples, use value of art etc. .f.reeP_ is free and peer oriented_

.for .f.reeP_ projects, .-_-. works with crowds and communities as peers to experiment on the potential of artistic creation of the peers, to debate on the notions of art, culture, life and information technologies and to create free/open source copyleft content and artworks that can be shared and appropriated freely so that new works and concepts can be developed. The process itself, where each peer is free in how they may contribute and choose to be creative, allows a form of relational aesthetics, in which there is no art at all or everything is art. concepts, content, works and whatever else created as a part of .f.reeP_ is distributed/shared on internet with free formats to encourage peers all over the world to freely share, study and appropriate the featured copyleft content_

.peers all over the world and p2p networks are proposed to determine the value of what is created (if there is or there will be any) by sharing and appropriating. websites, blogs and other platforms also contribute to determining the value by linking, appropriating, hosting and sharing the featured content. this is the way .f.reeP_ proposes for determining the real use value of a work of art, content or concept. each .f.reeP_ project builds on the experiences of the previous ones, whether backing up or challenging them. .f.reeP_ is experimental_

.recent .f.reeP_ projects_

. .re_potemkin: a copyleft crowdsourcing free/open source cinema project_: re_potemkin is one of the very first examples of investigating the potential of using crowdsourcing to create a film_

. .complaints choir of basic design: (as) a free copyleft peer production project_ : .complaints choir of basic design_ is based on the original concept by tellervo kalleinen and oliver kochta-kalleinen to explore the peer production model to create copyleft free/open source content.

. .aa_: an anonymous distributed identity project_: this .f.reeP_ project consists of just creating an identity with an e-mail account and distributing its password on a blog to let people build a distributed identity which can be appropriated for anonymous distributed responsibility of any act. the name chosen for this distributed identity (which is mentioned as “aa” here) is not announced as a part of .f.reeP_ but it is yours to discover and appropriate if you happen to find it out. this distributed identity already has many online accounts and everyone who adds a new account for it announces its password and info on the blog.

. .readymade dictionary of the author: a f.reeP_ project by .-_-. _ : readymade dictionary is a video database of various people saying a single word to the camera. 270 single words are chosen from famous quotations and videos of these words being uttered are shot by 6 other peers besides .-_-. .these single-word-videos are then concatenated to appropriate famous quotations. the video database is free for everyone to remix. all the content is copyleft and distributed to be re-appropriated, remixed and sequenced to create new, anonymous discource for the visitors_

.this page was created on 26.02.2009 and last updated on 20.05.2011_